How do I buy on

  1. Once you have the buyers’ software and your username & password (click here), to start bidding, simply open the software from the download location
    PLEASE NOTE: you will need to contact each auction room for a dedicated username & password
  2. A drop-down list of online or imminent auctions will be displayed
  3. Click on your desired auction
  4. Enter your username and password for the selected auction room
  5. If the auction is imminent a countdown will be displayed
  6. Once the auction is in progress, the lots will appear live
  7. The auction room software will send the next price for the lot
  8. If you wish to enter a higher amount, select next price to place your bid
  9. Click the BID NOW button
  10. A message will appear indicating whether you have been outbid or if your bid is currently highest
  11. A “fair warning” message will appear before the lot is about to sell or a “not sold” message if the reserve is not met
  12. If you are the winning bid, payment method will be as indicated by the auction room and you will arrange payment direct with them as per their terms & conditions

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