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Making online auctions affordable to every auction house is the affordable gateway for online services specifically designed for auctioneers and auction houses of any size. We provide cost-effective bespoke auction software enabling auction houses to offer their in-house auctions to a local, national and international audience.
Aiming to support your existing customer-base, the software allows buyers to bid without needing to be present or on the phone. You are also able to extend your customer-base with enquiries about your auction room made via the website

The use of the software is competitively priced per auction with no other charges whatsoever – this means

  • No fees to list your items
  • Online webspace to publish and advertise your auctions with upto 999 lots per auction (upto 4 images per lot)
  • Easy upload of auction information via standard export tab delimited formats (descriptions) and drag/drop (images)
    (more information about converting spreadsheets to ‘tab delimited’ here)
  • does not charge any bidding or percentage fees for bidders
  • Free software for buyers distributable via website
  • All bidding and fees are handled between the auction room and the bidders
  • Affordable cost which would allow every auction room to extend all their local auctions to a national audience
  • Even the most local every day auction can be opened out to a potentially huge global audience.
  • The auction room retains full control of direct contact with their customers and financial transactions with no intervention from

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